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Hello. We are VAPPR, We use biomass waste to make consumer products that are ready to change the world. We reduce carbon emission, increase soil fertility and generate clean heat for our clients. Welcome to the future.

Vappr was founded in 2016 to commercialize and scale up a ground-breaking technology onto the Dutch market that produce clean energy at reduced costs for our partners, reduce transport costs for biomass waste transport and that produces engineered plan based coal.

The company’s shareholders and partners have industry-leading expertise in biomass, (consumer marketing) and sustainable development.  This understanding has enabled Vappr to be the only company in the Netherlands to deeply understand how to produce pure, consistent plant based coal for use in agriculture, livestock, as well as natural products..

VAPPR addresses three of the world’s largest markets: food, water and energy. Currently we are developing various plant based coal products that help to improve soil health, improve animal health and nutrition.

VAPPR would not have been possible without the support of the REAP Programme, New Forest, Leaf teasers, IMC Subsidy advisors, AGEL Advisors and the Green Chemistry Campus